Teachers' Perceptions of Technology in the Classroom

An overview of the different types of teacher we see in schools and how they may perceive technology in their own classroom... which one are you? I'm a millennial and, having just come out of the other end of teacher training , I'm in the rare yet fortunate position of having been able to go into many different schools and observe many different styles of teachers in terms of their technology usage. Let's break it down... The 'Tech-Savvy Teacher' This teacher is glued to their iPad and can even teach students advanced programming with Scratch . They love their interactive whiteboard and go into meltdown when the school's network fails. Technology is integrated into their daily practice and they enjoy showing other teachers new apps, software or websites. Sadly, this type of teacher is rare. One of the best teachers I've seen using technology was retiring the year after I left, so the stereotype of the young tech-savvy millennial is pointless, simp

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