Old and Stupid Funny Texas Laws

Here's some old and quite funny/stupid laws from Texas!

A city ordinance states that a person cannot go barefoot without first obtaining a special five-dollar permit.

If two trains going in opposite directions on the same track meet each other, one can't move until the other does.

In Corpus Christie it is illegal to raise alligators in your home.

In Dallas County it is illegal to own any realistic looking, phallic shaped, personal massager more than one foot in length.

In Galveston, if you sit on the sidewalk, you could be fined $200.

In Houston you cannot buy beer after midnight on Sunday, but you can buy it on Monday.

It is illegal to carry a pair of wire-cutters in your back pocket.

It is illegal to drive without windscreen wipers. You don't need a windscreen but, you must have the wipers.

It is illegal to have an open container in a car. (It doesn't specify alcohol, it just says an open container.)

It is illegal to have anything protruding from your bumper unless it is attached with a chain (so bumper stickers are a no-no).

It is illegal to milk another persons cow.

It is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the 2nd story of a hotel.

It is illegal to spit on the sidewalk.

It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing.

It is legal for a husband to beat his wife as long as he uses something no bigger than his thumb.

It is legal for the blind to go hunting as long as they have someone with them who isn't blind.

It is legal to commit a homicide as long as you tell the person when, and how you are going to kill them.

It is legal to fire a gun at someone if they are handed it to them by the victim first.

The entire Encyclopedia Brittannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.

There is an old law in Texas that states you are unable to tuck your pants into one boot unless you own ten or more cattle.

When you are released from jail, you must be given a horse and a shotgun, if you request it.